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3 Ways A Personal Trainer Can Help You Transform Your Health

Why do you work out? If you ask 10 people this question, you’ll get 10 different answers. However, those answers will have one thing in common: almost all of them will mention health in some way. Some people work out to improve their mental health. Others want to reduce their risk of lifestyle diseases, and others wish to maintain a healthier body composition.

Since health is such a prominent reason to work out, you want to make sure the workouts you’re doing truly serve your long-term and short-term health goals. One of the best ways to build a truly health-promoting fitness routine is to work with a personal trainer. The following are three key ways a highly qualified personal trainer can help you transform your health.

Break Down Bad Habits

Working out is a habit. And whether you realize it or not, your current workout routine already involves a lot of smaller habits. Some of those habits are likely good, but others may not be serving you. Before you can develop better habits around fitness and health, you often need to break down and get rid of the bad ones. That’s where your personal training journey will start at The Muscle Clinic.

In the health and fitness industry, there’s a lot of bad information and misinformation floating around. Some of it can be very convincing. If you’ve implemented some of this bad advice over the years, you’re not alone – but we can help. At The Muscle Clinic, all of our trainers are directed and supervised by Dr. Jason Schottel, a physician and experienced bodybuilder. We know the difference between trends and real, science-backed fitness habits. We’ll work with you to deconstruct habits and routines that are not truly helpful or science-based. Then, we can build you back up with real, physician-backed protocols.

Set Realistic, Measurable Goals

Have you noticed that you work out harder and experience more success when you have a goal to shoot for? Most people find this to be true. The best goals are challenging but realistic. They’re also specific and measurable. At The Muscle Clinic, our personal trainers always work alongside clients to set goals that make them excited to wake up and come to the gym every day. They’ll also help you revisit those goals and assess your progress along the way.

What happens when you achieve your goals? It’s time to set some new ones. As you continue on your fitness journey, our personal trainers will help you re-evaluate your health and fitness, set new goals, and adjust your habits to reach those new goals. This sort of continual goal-setting and re-evaluation is what keeps clients working out year after year.

Create a Detailed Plan, and Make Adjustments

Once you have goals, the next step is to start working towards them. Our qualified trainers will help you create a specific, systematic workout and nutritional plan. We’ll make sure each step of the plan is clear and actionable. Our trainers know how to strike a balance between challenging clients and accommodating their needs.

Fitness is a journey. The plan that works for you now may not be the plan you need a year from now. That’s a good thing! It means you’re making progress. It also means it’s time to make adjustments. Personal trainers at big box gyms sometimes hand out a cookie-cutter plan to every client. But at The Muscle Clinic, we tailor our plans to each member’s needs, which means we can easily make adjustments along the way.

So often with fitness, success depends on the little details. You don’t just want to lift; you need to lift with good form. You don’t just want to do the same workout every day; you need to challenge different muscle groups. Our physician-supervised trainers have the knowledge and expertise to include a high level of detail in their training plans, which leads to greater success for our clients.

A good personal trainer can not only help transform your body. They can also help transform the way you think about and pursue fitness and health. The personal trainers at The Muscle Clinic will work alongside you to break down bad habits, set new goals, and create a personalized plan to help you achieve those goals. Say goodbye to silly workout trends and big box gyms, and join The Muscle Clinic for physician-supervised training and relentless progress.


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