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The Fastest Way To Building A Healthy Body

How many times have you set a new fitness goal, pursued it passionately for a few days, and then retired to the couch? After a few failed attempts to improve your health, you start feeling pretty down on yourself. But here’s the thing: you’re not the problem. The problem is the fad diets and unproven workout plans you’ve been following. They make flashy claims to draw you in, but they’re not truly designed to help you succeed – and it shows.

The Problem With Fad Diets And Fitness Routines

Fad diets are nothing new. Perhaps you’ve heard of the cabbage soup diet from the 1980s. Followers ate nothing but low-calorie cabbage soup for seven days. Not surprisingly, people often lost weight on the cabbage soup diet, but once they started eating normally again, they gained it all back. Today’s fad diets aren’t much different.

The rise of social media has made modern fad diets even sneakier and more enticing. Maybe you’re scrolling Instagram and you see a fit, young model. Her stories show that she eats nothing but blueberries and spinach, so you try the same diet in an attempt to look like her. A week later, you still look like you. So, you try another fad diet – carnivore, raw vegan, the potato diet – influencers make them look amazing, but your results are anything but.

The problem with fad diets is simple: they don’t work. These diets have never been scientifically tested, and they are not based on sound evidence. Here’s the biggest secret of all. Just because an influencer says they eat a certain way does not mean they really do. The same applies to their fitness routines and lifestyles in general.

Continuing to follow fad diets is a waste of time that you could instead be spending making real progress toward personal, realistic health and fitness goals. Plus, a lot of these fad diets are downright unhealthy. Eating nothing but steak and butter for a month is a recipe for high cholesterol. Eating only raw food will leave you bloated and “hangry”. And the all-potato diet? Well, it’s rumored that one can turn you into a French fry.

If you want to make real, lasting progress towards better health and improved fitness, you need a different approach. You need a customized, physician-supervised training and nutrition plan based on science – not selfies.

Slow Down For Faster Results

One thing that most fad diets and fitness regimens have in common is the promise of quick results. In reality, however, you can spend years trying these routines and make little to no progress. It may sound counter-intuitive, but if you want to get faster results, you need to slow down.

Losing weight and improving your health is not about making dramatic changes overnight. Instead, people tend to experience better, longer-lasting success when they slowly change their lifestyles and adopt new routines. When you make slow, progressive changes, they are more likely to “stick.”

It’s also important that the changes you’re making are ones that are healthy, sustainable, and suitable for your unique body type and lifestyle. That’s why, at The Muscle Clinic, we create a personalized nutrition and training plan for every client. When the changes we recommend really fit, you’ll find joy in making them. We want you to enjoy your health journey and not just the destination.

Break It Down, Build It Up

There’s a lot of bad health advice out there. If you’ve fallen prey to some of it, we don’t fault you. Diet and fitness influencers are good at drawing people in. To ensure you succeed on your health journey, we spend the first 90 days of our plan on deconstruction. We deconstruct the damage you may have done to your body via fad diets and bad advice, and we also deconstruct all of the inaccurate information you may have learned through these “programs”.

After 90 days of deconstruction, you’re ready to build things back up. We spend the next 9 months guiding you toward a solid foundation of nutrition and fitness. The habits you develop will yield steady results. We don’t promise an overnight transformation, but we will promise this: after a year with The Muscle Clinic, you’ll look and feel like a whole new “you.”

The Muscle Clinic was founded by Dr. Jason Schottel, a Medical Doctor. All of our trainers are Certified Personal Trainers. We know that by focusing on commitment and long-term changes, our personalized approach can help you achieve the results you dream of. Contact us soon to learn more about our plans and membership options.


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