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The Muscle Clinic vs. Big Box Gyms

If you’re ready to enhance your fitness and improve your overall health, then joining a gym is definitely a smart move. A gym not only gives you access to exercise equipment but also a supportive environment and experienced professionals to guide you on your health journey. Of course, this begs the question: what gym do you join?

In most towns, there are a few “big box” gyms to choose from. With flashy signs, bright color schemes, and deals like “Free Pizza Fridays,” these gyms can seem really enticing. But if you’re really determined to get fit and take your health seriously, we urge you to consider an alternative. The Muscle Clinic isn’t like big box gyms. For one, we don’t offer free pizza. We also set ourselves apart in a few other ways.

Physician-Supervised Personal Training

Here’s a little secret about the personal training industry: it’s not that hard to get certified. Surely, there are plenty of incredibly talented, well-educated personal trainers out there, but there are also some whose work is quite average.

At The Muscle Clinic, you won’t be working with average trainers. We offer physician-supervised personal training. Our founder, Dr. Jason Schottel, is a medical doctor who specializes in metabolic cardiology and regenerative medicine. He also holds a world title in powerlifting. As such, he has both the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to design effective, evidence-based training programs for clients. You don’t get that at your average big box gym!

Nutrition Planning

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or increase endurance, diet and exercise go hand-in-hand. You’ll go so much further on your fitness journey if you pair your exercise routine with a specialized diet. Unfortunately, there is a lot of general and inaccurate diet information floating around these days. This means working with a pro really is the best way to ensure you’re eating to support your health and your workout routine. 

At The Muscle Clinic, we don’t mess around with fad diets. Unlike some “fitness clubs”, we don’t sell you a shake and send you on your way. Instead, we include weekly nutritional planning meetings in our monthly training packages. You can also schedule additional nutritional planning sessions, as needed, for an extra fee.

Quiet, Low-Key Environment

Have you ever been to a big box gym when it’s busy? You struggle to find an open locker, wait in line for the treadmill, then rush to claim a weight bench before they’re all taken. It’s nice to have company when you’re working out, but this busy environment makes gym time stressful. 

The Muscle Clinic is an exclusive, private gym. We’re open from 5 am – 10:30 pm every single day of the year, and there are certainly times when the gym is busier than others. However, we keep our membership numbers low on purpose. We never want our clients to have to shorten their workouts because someone else was waiting for the equipment. And we know that lifting weights with too many people standing around is not only stressful but dangerous. You won’t feel crowded, rushed, or overwhelmed here.

Focused on Health

You’re dedicated to your health. You want to see real progress, and you’re willing to put in the work. Unfortunately, not everyone at a big box gym is going to share this mindset. Some people are just there for the selfies. That’s okay – but we wanted to create a space that’s less about the latest social media trends and more about setting and achieving real fitness goals.

Not everyone at The Muscle Clinic is a competitive bodybuilder or weight lifter. In fact, most of our members are not! However, our members all have one thing in common: they’re seeking real progress. They care more about their long-term health than striking a perfect pose in front of the elliptical. 

Systematic Approach

When you first decide to get fit, it’s tempting to dive right in and work out as hard as you can. Big box gyms often support this mentality. Unfortunately, going too hard, too fast often just leads to injury, exhaustion, and giving up. That’s why The Muscle Clinic takes a more systematic approach.

We spend the first 90 days helping you undo bad habits and ease your way into a healthier, fitness-based lifestyle. Then, we use that foundation to help you get long-lasting results. This slow, systematic approach means fewer dropouts and more success.

Are you ready to break free from big box gyms and embrace fitness in a whole new way? Contact us to learn more about The Muscle Clinic, the private Port Orange gym created for people who take their health journey seriously.


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Founded by Dr. Jason Schottel, a local to Port Orange and owner of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, the Muscle Clinic is a private, exclusive gym that offers physician supervised personal training and geared for those who are serious about their health journey.



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