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Why Port Orange Bodybuilders Choose The Muscle Clinic

If you’re a bodybuilder in Port Orange, The Muscle Clinic is the place for you. A big box gym simply won’t do when you have serious goals to achieve. Walk into The Muscle Clinic, and you’ll be surrounded by other people who share your passion for fitness. But why are they there? And why should you, as a bodybuilder, choose The Muscle Clinic, too? Take a look.

Experienced Personal Trainers

Your goals as a bodybuilder will be quite different from those of someone who wants to lose 10 pounds or get some heart-healthy cardio. There is nothing wrong with these fitness goals, but they require an entirely different approach than bodybuilding. If your goal is to build a lot of muscle, then you need a personal trainer who understands the more complex nuances of designing a workout plan, growing muscle over time, and improving definition. You don’t typically find that at a big box gym.

The Muscle Clinic only hires trainers with a demonstrated background of success. One of our trainers has an academic background in Kinesiology and uses evidence-based methods to help his clients achieve success. Whether you’re an experienced bodybuilder or new to the sport, our trainers have plenty of knowledge and insight they can share to help you reach the top of your game.

Personalized Nutrition Guidance

You are what you eat, and as someone who wants to build a stronger and more muscular body, you need to make sure you’re eating the right things at the right times. At The Muscle Clinic, we do not assign every member the same, vague nutrition plan. Instead, we offer custom meal planning and nutrition services based on science and experience. This gym was, after all, founded by a physician.

We understand that nutrition is a huge part of your bodybuilding journey, and we’re here to support you. No, you won’t find pizza in the lobby on Friday night – and we’re proud of that!

Serious Atmosphere

Have you noticed that you have an easier time taking your fitness seriously when others around you are taking it seriously, too? The goal-oriented mindset is contagious. It’s not that we never laugh or have fun at The Muscle Clinic. However, our clients aren’t the type to goof around on the treadmill or take selfies in the mirror. They’re here to better themselves. If you also tend to stay serious at the gym, you’ll fit in around here.

Exclusive Access

The Muscle Clinic treats our members like family, and we also want to make sure you get the experience you pay for. As such, we give every member their own electronic key fob for entry. This helps restrict access to our members and prevent our gym from becoming too crowded.

While we do maintain exclusive access, we have long open hours, making it easier to fit your workout in. We’re open every day of the year from 5:00 am – 10:30 pm. Your workout goals don’t go on pause because it is a holiday or a weekend, and neither do we. If you have serious bodybuilding goals, you need to plan your days off very sparingly. Our schedule and access policies are designed with a bodybuilder’s goals in mind.

Traditional Equipment

There’s a place for high-tech, newfangled machines in the fitness world, but we also know that many bodybuilders prefer using more traditional equipment. Free weights, ropes, resistance bands – these have been the mainstays of many bodybuilders’ routines for years. And you know what they say: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. It has become harder, over the past few years, to find gyms designed around this more traditional equipment. The Muscle Clinic is one of just a few, especially in the Port Orange area.

If you’re new to using some of our equipment, our personal trainers can help. We like to start new clients off with a 90-day deconstruction plan to undo any “bad” they may have done in the past. Then, we build you back up, teaching you the fundamentals of weight training and bodybuilding that will set you up for success. Bodybuilding is systematic, progressive, and planned. We’ll help you adopt and support this mindset.

Are you ready to invest in your body? Then join a gym full of people who share your mentality. The Muscle Clinic is a physician-founded gym that hires the best, trains the best, and offers the best to our people. Contact us soon to learn more about our membership plans and nutrition services.


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Founded by Dr. Jason Schottel, a local to Port Orange and owner of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Associates, the Muscle Clinic is a private, exclusive gym that offers physician supervised personal training and geared for those who are serious about their health journey.



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